Ordinary Differential Equations in the complex domain

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Sainty P: Contraction of a complex-valued fractional Brownian of order n. Jumarie G: Fractional Brownian motion with complex variance via random walk in the complex plane and applications. Chaos Solitons Fractals , — Jumarie G: Schrodinger equation for quantum fractal space-time of order n via the complex-valued fractional Brownian motion. A , — Jumarie G: Fractional Brownian motions via random walk in the complex plane and via fractional derivative. Comparison and further results. Jumarie G: Fractionalization of the complex-valued Brownian motion of order n using Riemann-Liouville derivative.

Applications to mathematical finance and stochastic mechanics. World Scientific, Singapore; Concepts Magn. Ibrahim RW, Darus M: Subordination and superordination for univalent solutions for fractional differential equations. Ibrahim RW: On solutions for fractional diffusion problems.

Fractional complex transforms for fractional differential equations

Ibrahim RW: Existence and uniqueness of holomorphic solutions for fractional Cauchy problem. Ibrahim RW: Ulam stability for fractional differential equation in complex domain. Ibrahim RW: On holomorphic solution for space and time fractional telegraph equations in complex domain. Spaces Appl. A , 34 — Molliq R, Batiha B: Approximate analytic solutions of fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equations by fractional complex transform. Li ZB: An extended fractional complex transform.

Nonlinear Sci. A , 2: — Download references. The author is thankful to the referees for helpful suggestions for the improvement of this article.

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Correspondence to Rabha W Ibrahim. Reprints and Permissions.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000).

Search all SpringerOpen articles Search. Abstract The fractional complex transform is employed to convert fractional differential equations analytically in the sense of the Srivastava-Owa fractional operator and its generalization in the unit disk. MSC: 30C References 1.

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Introductory Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis. Geoffrey C. The Calculus Lifesaver. Adrian Banner. Michael Spivak.

Auxiliary equations with complex roots, for 2nd order linear differential equations

Guide to Analysis. Mary Hart.

Ordinary Differential Equations in the Complex Domain - Einar Hille - Google книги

Schaum's Outline of Vector Analysis, 2ed. Murray R.

Maths for Chemistry. Paul Monk. Calculus for the Ambitious. Measurements and their Uncertainties. Ifan Hughes. Inside Interesting Integrals. Paul J. Your review has been submitted successfully. Smith, Wittich, and Yosida. For students not conversant with the required complex analysis, review material has been supplied throughout the text. In addition, each chapter has a list of references to the literature, and there is a bibliography at the end of the book. The exercises at the ends of sections comprise some items.