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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. The proposed topology requires a lesser number of dc voltage sources and power switches and consists of lower blocking voltage on switches, which results in decreased complexity and total cost of the inverter. These abilities obtained within comparing the proposed topology with the conventional topologies from aforementioned points of view.

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Moreover, a new algorithm to determine the magnitude of dc voltage sources is proposed. The performance and functional accuracy of the proposed topology using the new algorithm in generating all voltage levels for a level inverter are confirmed by simulation and experimental results. Article :. Date of Publication: 21 October DOI: Open and closed sets.

Closure and interior of a set 11 1.

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Dense and nowhere dense sets. Borel sets 24 1. Closed and open mappings. Homeomorphisms 27 1. Compactness in metric spaces 4.

Optimal Perturbation Control of General Topology Molecular Networks.

Compactness in uniform spaces 8. Zentralblatt-Review Contents:. Preface to the first edition. Preface to the revised edition. Algebra of sets. Cardinal numbers. Order relations. Ordinal numbers. The axiom of choice. Real numbers.

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Chapter 1: Topological spaces. Topological spaces. Closure and interior of a set. Methods of generating topologies.

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Boundary of a set and derived set. Borel sets. Continuous mappings.

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Axioms of separation. Convergence in topological spaces: Nets and filters. Chapter 2: Operations on topological spaces. Cartesian products. Quotient spaces and quotient mappings. Limits of inverse systems. Function spaces I: The topology of uniform convergence on R X and the topology of pointwise convergence. Chapter 3: Compact spaces. Compact spaces.

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Operations on compact spaces. Locally compact spaces and k-spaces. Function spaces II: The compact-open topology.

The Cech-Stone compactification and the Wallman extension. Perfect mappings. Cech-complete spaces.