The west and central Florida expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore

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Google Scholar. Behrensmeyer, A. The taphonomy and paleoecology of Plio-Pleistocene vertebrate assemblages east of Lake Rudolf, Kenya. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 10 — Binford, L. Bones: Ancient Men and Modern Myths. New York: Academic Press. Bone frequencies and attritional processes. Binford ed. Boaz, N. Hominid taphonomy: transport of human skeletal parts in an artificial Fluviatile environment.

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The West and Central Florida Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore

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Behrensmeyer and A. Hill eds. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Haywood, J. Kingsport: F. Hill Books. Hudson, C. Cordell, Vernon J. Knight, Jr. Kohler, Brenda J. Sigler-Lavelle Ordering Info In this volume the authors draw on north Florida archaeological excavations and site surveys to unlock the secrets of the Weeden Island culture and its magnificent ceramics. Mitchem Purdy Ordering Info For thousands of years, the Indians of Florida created exquisite objects from the natural materials available to them—wood, bone, stone,clay, and shell.

CRC Press. Sears Wallis Ordering Info A unique dataset for studying past social interactions comes from Swift Creek Complicated Stamped pottery that linked sites throughout much of the Eastern Woodlands but that was primarily distributed over the lower Southeast. Wallis and Asa R. Randall Ordering Info Given its pivotal location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, its numerous islands, its abundant flora and fauna, and its subtropical climate, Florida has long been ideal for human habitation.

Weisman Florida Archaeology 8. Ordering Info The Crystal River mound complex is perhaps the most widely recognized archaeological site in the State of Florida. Ordering Info Offering a new perspective on the city that anchored European settlement on the Gulf Coast, this collection provides a major contribution to the archaeology and history of Florida and adjoining states, especially during the Late Colonial period , when Pensacola moved through Spanish, then British, then Spanish occupation.

Ordering Info This examination of the Pensacola presidio and its fort during the first Spanish colonial period provides a rich inventory of artifacts and new interpretations of life among the 18th-century settlers and their evolving interactions with local native populations and with Mobile and Veracruz. Boyd, Hale G. Smith, and John W. Craig Ordering Info The State of Florida owns a vast collection, nearly 23, specimens, of Spanish treasure coins salvaged from shipwrecks in Florida waters.

Ordering Info This book tells the story of Fort Mose and the people who lived there. Ewen and John H. Hann Ordering Info This book chronicles the discovery and excavation of the only known campsite of Hernando de Soto in La Florida. Translations John. Florida Archaeology 2. Ordering Info John Hann focuses in this study on the Apalachee Indians and their interactions with the Spanish during the historic period.

Visitations and Revolts in Florida, John H. Florida Archaeology 7. Ordering Info This volume presents translations of some of the best sources of information on the missions of Spanish Florida and the natives whom they served in the second half of the seventeenth century. Hann and Bonnie G McEwan Ordering Info The Apalachee Indians of northwest Florida and their Spanish conquerors come alive in this lavishly illustrated story of their premier community, San Luis.

Ordering Info In this latest book, Hann discusses the peoples who occupied an area south of a line drawn roughly from the mouth of the Withlacoochee River eastward to Turtle Mound, located a little north of Cape Canaveral. Ordering Info When Spanish and French explorers first landed in Florida early in the 16th century, Timucua speakers occupied more land area and were more numerous than any other aboriginal group.

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Scarry Florida Archaeology 5. Ordering Info The mission described in this volume was one of several Franciscan missions established in the Province of Apalachee after Religion, Power, and Politics in Colonial St. Augustine Robert L. Kapitzke Ordering Info This book offers an analysis of the religious world of colonial St. Ordering Info This book address the biological consequences of the arrival of Europeans in the New World and on the lifeways of native populations following contact in the late 16th century.

MacMahon and William H. Marquardt Ordering Info The Calusa and Their Legacy is the first popular book focusing on the Calusa Indians, their ancestors, and the coastal water world in which they lived. McEwan Ordering Info This volume brings together a stellar group of scholars to summarize what we know of the development of native American cultures in the southeastern United States after Free E-Book Focusing on those native peoples and their interactions with Spanish and French explorers and colonists, Jerald Milanich delineates this massive cultural change.

The Timucua Jerald T. Blackwell Publishers. Ordering Info This is the story of the Timucua, an American Indian people who thrived for centuries in the southeast portion of what is now the United States of America. Smithsonian Institution Press. Milanich and Charles Hudson Milanich and Susan Milbrath Free E-book Drawing on the most recent historical and archaeological research, First Encounters describes the period of early Spanish contact with New World peoples. Milanich and Samuel Proctor Miller Ordering Info This story of the land and people in that region of the St.

With an unusually broad scope in time, space, and subject matter, he uses the example of northeast Florida to explore the notion of environmental equilibrium, to illustrate the fallacy of a pristine environment, and to show how essential environmental history is to modern ecological planning Stability and Change in Guale Indian Pottery, Rebecca Saunders Ordering Info Through a comprehensive study of changing pottery attributes, Saunders documents the clash of Spanish and Native American cultures in the 16th-century southeastern United States.

Florida Archaeology 3. Ordering Info From to , San Luis de Talimali was the administrative, religious, and military capital of Spanish missions among the Apalachee Indians. McEwan, and Richard Vernon Florida Archaeology 6. Smith, James J. Miller, Sean M. Kelley, and Linda Harbin Ordering Info The first maritime atlas of Florida offers a generously illustrated introduction to 13, years of Florida maritime history and geography, from dugout canoes to modern-day maritime travel and industry.

Swanton Ordering Info First published in , copies of this respected classic have been coveted, hoarded, and worn ragged ever since by archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians across the Southeast and beyond. Souza Plenum Press. Ordering Info Using an anthropologically oriented research design, this investigation of the wrecks of six sailing ships dating from the middle to late nineteenth century shows how merchant sailing attempted to compete with steamships, not only through technological adaptation, but also through increased risk-taking.

Worth Ordering Info John Worth traces the effects of European exploration and colonization in the late s and describes the expansion of the mission frontier before Ordering Info In volume II, John Worth shows that after the geographic and political restructuring of the Timucua mission province, the interior of Florida became a populated chain of way-stations along the royal road between St. Florida Archaeology 1.

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  4. Ordering Info This is a basic reference work that should be useful to anyone interested in pursuing research on the archaeology of Florida. McNutt Ordering Info This biography of John Mann Goggin recounts the story of Florida archaeology from its 19th-century beginnings to the present through the life of its most influential pioneer, a charismatic personality who, more than any other individual, shaped and reshaped Florida archaeology.

    Sullivan, and Rochelle A. From to , Moore performed excavations at St. Johns Shell Middens in Florida. Between and , he also dug at the Irene Mound outside Savannah, Georgia and exhumed seven human skeletons. He accessed many of these sites by water, in his steamboat named the Gopher. Over a period of 20 years he explored Indian mounds in nearly all the Southern States. Moore was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in