The Forbidden Apple: A Century of Sex & Sin in New York City

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Forbidden Fruit

Never used!. Language: English. Brand new Book. Kat Long describes these protective measures, or ruses. Everything you always wanted to know--and a lot you would never have suspected! Beginning with Gilded Age New York, where upper-class men of society routinely slummed with prostitutes and burlesque dancers--then wrote scathing condemnations of the "Lost Sisterhood" for the next day's papers--and ending with Rudolph Guiliani's crackdown on the city's sexual life, The Forbidden Apple details the major trends in New York's sexual history, including the Victorian-era battles over prostitution; the women's movement at the turn of the twentieth century; the hedonistic roaring twenties; the rise of Times Square as the city's sexual epicenter in the s and s; the birth of the gay rights movement in the s; the decadence and pornography of the s, and the AIDS epidemic of the s.

The first-ever comprehensive sexual history of New York City, The Forbidden Apple shows how many of this country's most important sexual trends got their start in New York, and also demonstrates how the repressive forces of morality and decency have waged war against the forces of sexual liberation and freedom throughout the city's history. Seller Inventory AAT Kat Long. Publisher: Ig Publishing , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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Synopsis About this title "Theres a great history of racy entertainment covering itself, if scantily, in a cloak of righteous education. About the Author : Kat Long is a journalist and author specializing in sexuality and the social history of New York. From Publishers Weekly : From brothels on the Bowery to the crusade to retake Times Square, journalist Long "chief writer" of the guidebook Sexy New York City examines the bawdiest characters and exploits in New York City's history, and those determined to ruin the fun.

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Forbidden Fruit

Published by Ig Publishing Seller Rating:. Published by Ig Publishing. New Quantity Available: 1. New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Qwestbooks Philadelphia, PA, U. The Forbidden Apple Kat Long. New Quantity Available: 8. Mediaoutlet Springfield, VA, U. Published by Ig Publishing, United States There are more copies of this book View all search results for this book. Each women came from a relatively secure, workingclass, if not middleclass, background. Dilts grew up in Black Lick, PA, but seems to have fallen apart with the recent losses of loved ones; Roberts grew up Bear, DL, and was an Atlantic City exotic dancer who got hooked on cocaine; Raffo, a Brooklyn native who came to Atlantic City from Pembroke Pines, FL, was a waitress who drifted into prostitution after succumb to crack; and Breidor, who grew up in an affluent Philadelphia suburb, was a waitress who got hooked on painkillers and moved down the drug ladder while hustling.

In keeping with the myth of the happy hooker, a year or so ago the media celebrated a very different story than the four dead-end Atlantic City hookers. She received out-of ratings from the politicos, captains of industry and pro athletes who used her services. These stories join the growing body of popular media celebrating acceptable, wink-and-a-nod prostitution. A handful of other personal memoirs add to this mythology. Prostitution in the U. The hey-day of prostitution was between and concomitant with the rise of the U.

It was time in which heterosexual prostitution was transformed from a business into a factory system. With the rise of the 3rd wave of evangelicalism and the Progressive movement in the decade preceding WWI, a frontal assault on prostitution got undertaken. The period between the onset of the Depression and the conclusion of WWII witnessed a significant decline in public prostitution. However, the pendulum swung back as the post-War consumer revolution got underway, launching a new sexual culture.

As two sociologists of the day, Charles Winick and Paul M. Today, Nevada remains the only state to have legal whorehouses.

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Prostitution was decriminalized in the early s and formally legalized in By the lates, there were nearly forty legal brothels ranging from the famous Mustang Ranch which recently closed to cribs in and around Beatty, Carson City, Elko, Ely, Reno and Las Vegas. Clark County had approximately , registered erotic dancers; about 2, worked daily and 4, perform on the weekends.

Prostitution has reemerged as a growing local and national political concern. Stories like that of the four Atlantic City victims and of the upscale hooker Natalie frame a deeper debate as to how to deal with an apparent increase in commercial sex throughout the country.

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It is also fueled by a rising concern over the global sex slavery trade. Equally important, it reflects the rise of ever-more anonymous means to connect for both commercial and noncommercial sex through the Internet, phone services, weekly newspaper ads and other means. The government estimates that approximately , to , people are trafficked across international borders each year, of which 80 percent are women and girls. It also estimates that about 14, to 17, find their way to the U. In addition to prostitution, people trafficked to the U.

The Chronicle series is based on data from the online site, myredbook.

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The site hosts more than 55, reviews of Northern California sex workers. The reviews are used by johns, but also by area police to monitor the sex scene. The Chronicle estimates that there are at least ninety massage parlors where sex is sold — with more than Asian female sex masseuses — operating in San Francisco. Like myredbook and craigslist, a growing universe of online sites provides people with easy access to the fantasy of their choice.

Industry pundits estimate that between , and , sites are pornographic and many of these offer easy access to the sexual service one most desires.

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This ambivalence is rooted in a false assumption that too much sexual freedom results in a decline in personal morality and an increase in sex crime. America has witnessed a decline in crime, including prostitution, over the last decade — even though the prison-industrial system, with the complicity of elected officials, keeps building more prisons and, with judges, keeps giving out ever-harsher sentences.

FBI data for prostitution arrests in was 92,; by it had declined to 87,; and by it has fallen to 84, — a nearly 8 percent decline in six years. But life for those at the edge, the proleteriat of the sex industry, is dangerous, if not horrendous. One can only wonder if the rate will change with the new millenium. Like everything in America, class structure configures prostitution in its own image.