No. 46 in C Major, Op. 68, No. 1

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Allegro sostenuto. Etude in E Minor. Etude in G-Sharp Minor. Etude in D-Flat Major. Allegro assai. Etude in B Minor. Etude in C Minor. Allegro molto con fuoco. Andantino in F Minor. Allegretto in D-Flat Major. Allegretto in A-Flat Major. Grave — Doppio movimento. Molto vivace. Presto non tanto. Prelude in C Major. Prelude in G Major. Prelude in D Major. Allegro molto. Prelude in B Minor. Lento assai. Prelude in A Major. Prelude in F-Sharp Minor. Molto agitato. Prelude in C-Sharp Minor. Prelude in B Major.

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Prelude in G-Sharp Minor. Prelude in E-Flat Minor. Prelude in B-Flat Minor. Presto con fuoco. Prelude in A-Flat Major. Prelude in F Minor. Prelude in E-Flat Major. Prelude in B-Flat Major. Prelude in G Minor. Prelude in F Major. Prelude in D Minor. Allegro appassionato.

Sotto voce in C--Sharp Minor. Presto ma non troppo in E-Flat Minor. Vivo, ma non troppo in A Minor. P2 No. Vivo e risoluto in B-Flat Major. Lento, ma non troppo in E Minor. Legato assai in A-Flat Major.

Arthur Rubinstein - Chopin Mazurka, Op. 68 No. 1

Lento, ma non troppo in A Minor. Allegro non troppo in C Major. Moderato con anima in A-Flat Major. Moderato in B-Fflat Minor. Allegretto non tanto in C Minor.

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Allegro non troppo in D-Flat Major. Allegretto in C-Sharp Minor. Moderato in C-Sharp Minor. Allegro non tanto in B Major. Moderato animato in A Minor. Larghetto in F-Sharp Major. Nocturne in A-Flat Major. Lento sostenuto in D-Flat Major.

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Andantino in F-Sharp Minor. Lento sostenuto in E-Flat Majro. As a composer, Henning Mankell was an autodidact and wrote mainly for piano. However, his main musical ideology was anchored in the traditions of Chopin and Liszt. He also wrote intermezzi, romantic legends and shaped his own particular formal type of fantasy sonatas.

Mankell composed very freely within the framework of these smaller forms. With this as a starting point Mankell created a highly personal and independent late-romantic expressive style with an added component of impressionism. Harmonically, his works are often advanced, while for the most part, still maintaining a tonal centre. Here he departs consistently from the structural forms of the traditional sonata and allows the many improvisatorial and independent sections to instead be held together by the motivic relationships and a natural flow of varying expressionistic modes.

Henning Mankell did not strive after formal structure or schematic clarity in his work. Music was his way of expressing moods, feelings and associations. One image stands together with another, the melodies binding themselves together, the one with the other, the power of the tones to enchant is wonderful. Bengtsson, Ingmar : Henning Mankell , in Svenskt biografiskt lexikon , vol. Orchestral works Legend, piano concerto, Florez and Blanzeflor for baritone and orchestra, among others , chamber works 3 string quartets, piano quintet, piano trio, among others , piano works ca and solo vocal works.

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Works for orchestra, with and without solo Florez and Blanzeflor for baritone and orchestra op. Legend in C minor op. Andante for voice, piano and orchestra op. Piano concerto in D minor op. Chamber music String quartet no.

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String quartet no. Piano trio in D minor op. Sonata in A minor for violin and piano op. Andante for violin and piano op. Sonata pastiche for violin and piano in A minor op.

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  6. Sonata for viola and piano op. Notturno for cello and piano op. Voice and piano Aften Helge Rode , Stjernenatt Helge Rode , Min sorg er Helge Rode , Nachtgang Otto Bierbaum , Five songs to poems by Bertil Malmberg op. Two songs to texts by Ernst Liljedahl op. Theme with variations in D minor op.

    Melody in A major op. Etyde G-sharp minor op. Sonata no. Ballad no. Fantasy in E major op. Two intermezzi D major, F minor op. Two nocturnes B minor, C minor op. Suite in F minor op. Preludium, 2. Air, 3. Saraband, 5. Four lyrical pieces E-flat minor, A-flat major, B-flat minor, G-sharp minor op. Seven bagatelles op. Three nocturnes A minor, C-sharp minor, G minor op.

    Two nocturnes F-sharp major, B-flat major op. Twelve small lyrical pieces op. Two nocturnes A-flat major, B-flat minor op. Two nocturnes G major, C-sharp minor op. Three miniatures op. Scherzino, 2. Melodia, 3. Nocturne E-flat minor op. Nenia, funeral march in B-flat minor op. Two lyrical pieces op. Skymning, 2. Nocturne 'I skogen' in G-sharp minor op. Impromptu fantastico and impromptu elegiaco op. Seven miniatures op. Preludium op. Scherzo op. admin